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al-Shabaab’s Anatomy: A Study in Context

May 14, 2019

by Leonardo Palma 15 May 2019 Chronic instability in the Horn of Africa, with clear repercussions for Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, and Mozambique, has reinforced a process of aggregation within Islamists groups that include nationalist fringes, maritime pirates and organised crime groups. While this region is under the influence of al-Qa’ida in Eastern Africa (AQEA), the … Continue reading “al-Shabaab’s Anatomy: A Study in Context”

Impact of New Technologies on United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

July 6, 2017

By Felix Manig Rapid technological advancements are changing the nature of warfare and military operations, with serious implications for peace and security. At present, states are investing immense sums into the research and development of emerging technologies for their national security. This phenomenon is led by the U.S. government which approves nearly $3 billion annually … Continue reading “Impact of New Technologies on United Nations Peacekeeping Operations”

The World's Forgotten Migrants

July 3, 2015

By Isobel Petersen: Human migration exists on a large scale across the globe, but in a variety of forms and for a variety of reasons. Conflict is one of the key causes of displacement, which is unsurprising considering the devastating effects of living in a conflict zone: poor health; economic instability; familial tragedy and lack … Continue reading “The World's Forgotten Migrants”

Peacekeeping in Haiti: a laboratory for pacification in Rio de Janeiro?

May 28, 2015

By Christoph Harig: With contingents of up to 3200 soldiers, over twice the number of the country’s current contribution to the UN Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), the Brazilian Armed Forces are at present occupying large parts of the favela agglomeration Complexo da Maré in Rio de Janeiro. After the mission in Alemão and Penha … Continue reading “Peacekeeping in Haiti: a laboratory for pacification in Rio de Janeiro?”

Which Canada are we talking about?

October 31, 2014

By Zachary Wolfraim: In light of this week’s horrible attacks in Ottawa and St-Jean-sur-Richelieu there has been some commentary in the Canadian media declaring that this would not change Canada. The international media have suggested that Canada has lost its innocence but that reflects a lack of insight into evolving Canadian politics. While the importance … Continue reading “Which Canada are we talking about?”

Obama offers some humility; this can be a good thing

May 29, 2014

By Zachary Wolfraim: President Obama sought to outline a vision for US foreign policy in his commencement speech to West Point graduates on 28 May and once more highlighted the role of American leadership in global affairs.  While he noted that the US was the ‘indispensible nation’, the new dangers to the international system were … Continue reading “Obama offers some humility; this can be a good thing”

Interview with Giandomenico Picco and Gabrielle Rifkind, authors of "The Fog of Peace: The Human Face of Conflict Resolution”

March 25, 2014

By Joana Cook, Managing Editor, Strife Giandomenico Picco served for over two decades as a UN official. Among other work, he led the UN efforts which brought about the release of many of the Western hostages from Lebanon and the agreement which ended the Iran-Iraq war. He has been a consultant in the private sector … Continue reading “Interview with Giandomenico Picco and Gabrielle Rifkind, authors of "The Fog of Peace: The Human Face of Conflict Resolution””

Breaking news: M23 Rebels capture Goma

November 20, 2012

By Fred Robarts For the past few days, I have been glued to Twitter  for updates on the situation in Goma, the provincial capital of North Kivu in eastern Congo. According to the latest reports, the Congolese national army has now retreated from the city, leaving it in the hands of the Rwandan-backed M23 rebel … Continue reading “Breaking news: M23 Rebels capture Goma”


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