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A Matter of Survival: How the Trade War will Shape China’s Future

May 2, 2019

By Francesca Ghiretti and Lloyd Yijue Liu 2 May 2019   The trade war between the US and China is more than what meets the eye, and this is not a mystery. In fact, besides the trade deficit, there are multiple aspects at stake: intellectual property rights, the opening of the Chinese market and most … Continue reading “A Matter of Survival: How the Trade War will Shape China’s Future”

The Hizbullah Phenomenon

December 31, 2014

By Mohammad I. Aslam: Lina Khatib, Dina Mater and Atef Alshaer, The Hizbullah Phenomenon: Politics and Communication, Published by Hurst, 2014. New from £18.84 (Amazon paperback). ISBN: 1849043353. In Hizbullah: Politics and Communication, a trio of authors endeavour to shine light on the evolutionary transformation of arguably the most powerful sub-state political and military movement in the … Continue reading “The Hizbullah Phenomenon”

Holbein’s ‘Ambassadors’ and International Politics

July 22, 2014

By Deniz Solmaz: The Ambassadors is a full-length double portrait of two French Diplomats, Jean de Dinteville (29), and Georges de Selve, bishop of Lavaur (25), painted in London in 1533. The two ambassadors are shown obviously confident of their importance. Jean de Dinteville, is the French ambassador to England and his friend, the Bishop … Continue reading “Holbein’s ‘Ambassadors’ and International Politics”


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