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Strife Feature – Spying on Friends

May 26, 2017

By Anastasia Beck In the aftermath of the allegations of the US National Security Agency (NSA) spying on allied states such as Germany, and accusations from the White House concerning alleged spying by Britain’s GCHQ on Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, moral questions have arisen regarding spying on one’s allies. The gravity of these … Continue reading “Strife Feature – Spying on Friends”

Interview – Sir David Omand on Iraq, the terrorist threat, and surveillance

March 27, 2015

Interview by Lee Watkins: Sir David Omand, former Director of GCHQ, on the current security climate and the recent IPT rulings on GCHQ’s information gathering.  *** Besides your role as Director of GCHQ from 1996-1997, what are other highlights from your career? I was Principal Private Secretary to the Defence Secretary during the Falklands War. … Continue reading “Interview – Sir David Omand on Iraq, the terrorist threat, and surveillance”


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