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al-Shabaab’s Anatomy: A Study in Context

May 14, 2019

by Leonardo Palma 15 May 2019 Chronic instability in the Horn of Africa, with clear repercussions for Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, and Mozambique, has reinforced a process of aggregation within Islamists groups that include nationalist fringes, maritime pirates and organised crime groups. While this region is under the influence of al-Qa’ida in Eastern Africa (AQEA), the … Continue reading “al-Shabaab’s Anatomy: A Study in Context”

Why ISIS is Winning the War of Words

November 22, 2016

By: Iona M Allan Looking at any western media outlet over the last few weeks and you could be forgiven for  making the assumption that the ‘war’ against ISIS may be approaching  an emphatic ending.[1] The Iraqi-led offensive on Mosul and the reclaiming of the so called ‘jewel’ of the Islamic state crown is being … Continue reading “Why ISIS is Winning the War of Words”

The Jihad Caravan: a Journey to the Roots of Hatred

August 11, 2015

By Samar Batrawi: Montasser AlDe’emeh and Pieter Stockmans, De Jihadkaravaan: Reis naar de Wortels van de Haat [The Jihad Caravan: a Journey to the Roots of Hatred], Tielt, Belgium: Uitgeverij Lannoo, 2015. 19,99 (e-book). Pages: 518. ISBN: 9789401427708 ‘I was born and raised in Antwerp. A year and a half ago I left to go … Continue reading “The Jihad Caravan: a Journey to the Roots of Hatred”


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