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Gaza, Israel, and Netanyahu’s Latest Coalition Crisis

December 21, 2018

By Lauren Mellinger 21 December 2018   This past tumultuous month in Israeli politics challenged two key assumptions about Israel’s long-serving prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. First, despite speculation in recent months that the Netanyahu-era is drawing to a close, it is certainly not over yet. Perhaps of greater significance is the second element to emerge … Continue reading “Gaza, Israel, and Netanyahu’s Latest Coalition Crisis”

The embattled and weary Two-State Solution is still the only game in town

November 2, 2015

By: Charles P. Kirchofer With the Oslo Accords all but dead and support for a two-state solution declining among both Israelis and Palestinians, it is tempting to abandon the idea altogether. There is no conceivable alternative, however. The longer two states are not a reality in Israel/Palestine, the worse things will become—especially for Israel. In … Continue reading “The embattled and weary Two-State Solution is still the only game in town”

Ideas are bulletproof; why we should still be expecting Anonymous

August 15, 2014

By Ben Collins: In 2013 the FBI declared that the hacker activist network Anonymous had been dismantled due to the arrests of ‘major players in the Anonymous movement.’[1] Others have decried the dilution of causes and foci among those who consider themselves Anonymous,[2] as well as the allegedly hypocritical use of personal information on heavily … Continue reading “Ideas are bulletproof; why we should still be expecting Anonymous”

Israel vs. Hamas: Undermining deterrence

July 4, 2014

By Charles Kirchofer:   Israel’s military response to the abduction and murder of three teenaged Israeli citizens, which has included a massive deployment of Israeli soldiers in the Palestinian territories, is understandable. But, this response has threatened to undermine what had been a relatively stable deterrence relationship with Hamas, however. The border with Gaza had … Continue reading “Israel vs. Hamas: Undermining deterrence”


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