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Why Colombia’s Referendum Result Poses an Opportunity for Peace

October 12, 2016

By: Charlotte Manson Results from Sunday’s referendum in Colombia have been described as astonishing and disappointing that will potentially throw the country into tumultuous uncertainty. Many journalists leapt to compare Brexit and recent referendums in Hungary and Thailand with Colombia denouncing the use of referendums as “messy, dangerous and not as democratic as they may seem”  … Continue reading “Why Colombia’s Referendum Result Poses an Opportunity for Peace”

Book Review: ‘A Great Perhaps? Colombia: Conflict and Convergence’

August 19, 2016

Reviewed By:  Kate Dinnison D. Davis, D. Kilcullen, G. Mills and D. Spencer, A Great Perhaps? Colombia: Conflict and Convergence, (London, UK: Hurst&Co. Publishing), 2016; ISBN-13: 978-1849046282 Since its liberation from Spain by Simon Bolivar in 1819, la Republica de Colombia has been perpetually at war, almost 150 of its 195 years.  Colombia, for a long … Continue reading “Book Review: ‘A Great Perhaps? Colombia: Conflict and Convergence’”

Colombia and the 'Small footprint' intervention illusion

November 25, 2014

By Jorge E Delgado:  The challenge posed by ISIS has intensified debates in the West over the possibility of dispatching “boots on the ground” and has, yet again, brought to the forefront the search for alternative modes of military intervention following the recent disillusionment with “Big footprint” counterinsurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan. Recently practitioners have … Continue reading “Colombia and the 'Small footprint' intervention illusion”


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