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Confederates in Ethiopia: American industrial warfare and Egyptian imperialism in central Africa

May 6, 2017

By James A. Fargher The 1874-1884 Egyptian-Ethiopian War is one of the 19th century’s more obscure conflicts.  One of the most surprising aspects of the conflict is that it involved a group of ex-Confederate officers who had been hired by an Ottoman viceroy to conquer an empire in central Africa. These Confederate veterans had fought … Continue reading “Confederates in Ethiopia: American industrial warfare and Egyptian imperialism in central Africa”

Dams as Centaurs

March 23, 2016

EDITORS NOTE: This is the second article in a four-part series which explores the role of water in human conflict and politics. The series marks (though is not affiliated with) World Water Day 2016, a UN initiative to promote awareness of water issues. More information on World Water Day can be found here. The first … Continue reading “Dams as Centaurs”

North Africa – between security and democracy

September 3, 2015

By: Umberto Profazio Photo: Flickr under creative commons license. Recent security developments in North Africa show how terrorism is gradually spreading in the region. On 20th August one police officer was killed in a terrorist attack in Sousse, Tunisia, and the very same day a car-bomb exploded near a courthouse and a national security building in … Continue reading “North Africa – between security and democracy”

‘It’s the brotherhood, stupid.’ Values and the Arab Spring

March 27, 2014

By Jill S. Russell: I attended last week a very interesting panel discussion on the Arab Spring [1], its meanings and the response it deserves. A theme that was shared across the panel was that the West [2] owed the movement its support because the latter was promoting the values held to be sacred by … Continue reading “‘It’s the brotherhood, stupid.’ Values and the Arab Spring”

The Lost Revolution

February 16, 2013

By Lamya Hussein Marafi It almost seems that the Egyptian revolution never happened, or is still waiting to happen. A struggling economy, an ambiguous foreign policy, extremely brutal police system, continuous fatal train accidents, increasing unemployment rate, sexual harassment of both women and men, a controversial constitution, the abandoned, ‘dangerous’ land of Sinai, a return … Continue reading “The Lost Revolution”

Joining the ‘Million Man March’

February 10, 2013

By Nesma El Shazly I was not allowed to leave the house throughout the first week of the revolution. Although my parents wholeheartedly endorsed the revolution, they feared for my life and would not let me join the protests. For this reason I spent that week documenting the events as they unfolded from my own … Continue reading “Joining the ‘Million Man March’”


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