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Chavez Versus Maduro: Who Did It Worse?

May 29, 2019

by Roisin Murray 29 May 2019 For most of the late twentieth-century, Venezuela was considered the most stable democracy in Latin America, held up as an example for its volatile Latin American neighbours. Venezuela is renowned for being a country rich in natural assets. It is a major producer of oil, as well as a … Continue reading “Chavez Versus Maduro: Who Did It Worse?”

Saudi Arabia: The Wind of Change?

April 30, 2018

By Roisin Murray With a historical legacy as the foremost theocratic state in the Sunni Muslim sphere, political developments in Saudi Arabia that threaten to challenge its conservative, religious identity are significant.[1] The domestic situation of Saudi Arabia is a concern for many foreign governments; states worldwide are reliant on Saudi oil, and Saudi Arabia is … Continue reading “Saudi Arabia: The Wind of Change?”

Will there be a coup in Venezuela?

December 11, 2017

By Will Bisset   It has come as a surprise to many that Venezuela’s military, with its history of attempted coups d’etat, has sat idly by while its country descends into chaos. Ostensibly, all the ingredients for the perfect coup are there: unprecedented shortages of basic goods such as food and medicine coupled with disastrous … Continue reading “Will there be a coup in Venezuela?”

Does Malaysia have concrete counterterrorism strategies to mitigate potential terrorist attacks?

April 29, 2016

By: Munira Mustaffa While Indonesia successfully demonstrated remarkable resilience with her defiant cry of “Kami tidak takut” (“We are not intimidated”) on social media after the January 2016 attack,[1] there are some uncertainties that the same level of fortitude can be witnessed in Malaysia should a Daesh-inspired attack happen.[2] This raises some pressing debates about Malaysia’s … Continue reading “Does Malaysia have concrete counterterrorism strategies to mitigate potential terrorist attacks?”

Malaysia's Daesh problem: extremism in the shadow of moderation

October 1, 2015

By Munira Mustaffa: Regional analysts and Western pundits may be inclined to wonder why Daesh’s[1] influence still persists in Malaysia, despite concerted efforts to combat the group.[2] The answer lies in the fact that with a population of approximately 240 million Muslims in the region, Southeast Asia is an ideal ground for Daesh’s radicalisation ventures. … Continue reading “Malaysia's Daesh problem: extremism in the shadow of moderation”


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