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16 September 2019



Strife is a dual-format publication founded in 2012 by PhD students and researchers from the War Studies Department of King’s College London. Comprised of an academic Blog and a peer-reviewed Journal, it is run by postgraduate students and doctoral researchers from the School of Security Studies.

From its debut in 2012, Strife has grown from 5,000 to 870.000 annual views, with over 2.1 million unique page views and an audience that spans all the inhabited continents. Our steady viewers include academics, practitioners, and students, along with research institutions, journalists, and citizens interested in knowing more about war and security.

Strife’s thematic focus is ‘conflict’, in all its shapes, forms, and senses. We combine political, historical, literary, and philosophical approaches to this phenomenon through blog and journal articles, as well as unique formats like photo essays, book, film, and art reviews. We aim to provide thought-provoking, unique perspectives on all aspects of conflict, from the cultural to the practically applied.

From 16th September, we will be looking for outstanding individuals keen to join the Editorial Team for the next academic year (October 2019 – September 2020).


The positions available include:


Communications Manager (PhD applicants)

The Communications Manager will be responsible for the strategic communication and outreach for the Strife Blog and Journal. Along with the Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editors of the Journal and the Blog, he or she will be responsible for formulating, reviewing, and amending Strife policy as part of the Managing Board, of which (s)he is the secretary. Together with the Social Media Officer, the Communications Manager will be planning, implementing and monitoring the promotion of the Strife brand.

This role is restricted to current King’s students.


Social Media Officer (3rd year BA, MA applicants)

The Social Media Officer will be responsible for maintaining and expanding Strife’s social media and web presence. Duties will include promoting new Blog entries, the latest Journal issue, and Strife events, as well as curating the monthly newsletter and expanding Strife’s audience.

This role is restricted to current King’s students.


Senior Editor – Journal & Blog (PhD applicants only)

The Senior Editors form the backbone of Strife Journal’s operations, providing excellent editorial support for authors, as well as assisting in the smooth day-to-day running of Strife. Individuals will only be considered for the position of Senior Editor if they have reached the level of PhD studies or above. The SE designation serves to provide recognition of this level of service and dedication to Strife.

Senior Editors will also help in editing blog entries and will be required to contribute with one blog post per term.


Series Editors – Blog (MA or PhD applicants)

Series Editors will be responsible for the publication of a singular subject-themed series of three to four articles to be featured on Strife Blog, plus an introduction of no more than 500 words written by the Series Editor.

Note that, at the moment of application, candidates to this position are not required to have a final, precise idea about the Series topic yet. Rather, candidates should aim at specifying the skills that they can bring to the Board.

Series Editors will also assist in editing blog entries.


Copy Editors – Journal & Blog (3rd year BA, MA applicants)

A new role starting this year, Copy Editors will be responsible for ensuring that submissions to the Blog are free of errors, easy to read and conform the publication’s style. With a passion for writing and a keen eye for detail, the Copy Editors will form an essential part of Strife.

This role is restricted to current King’s students.


Editor – BA Representative (2nd year BA applicants)

The Editor – BA Rep will take charge of liaising between Strife and the undergraduate community at King’s. He or she will be responsible for filtering any undergraduate submissions in accordance with relevant Strife guidelines. The BA Rep will also promote Strife, encouraging new writers to contribute to Strife and expanding Strife’s audience.

The BA Rep will also assist in editing blog entries. This role is restricted to current King’s students.


External Rep (MA or PhD applicants)

The External Rep is a student from an external university that takes charge of liaising between students in their home university and Strife. This will include encouraging new writers to contribute to Strife, as well as promoting Strife amongst the graduate population and expanding its audience and contributors base. There is only one External Rep for each external university represented on the Strife Editorial Board.

The External Rep will also assist in editing blog entries and will be required to contribute with one blog post per term. In case the Rep’s distance from London is considerable, the Rep is exempt from regularly attending Editorial Board meetings.


Becoming part of Strife, a vibrant and influential publication, represents a unique opportunity, boosting your professional profile, putting you in direct contact with experts in the field, and helping accumulate valuable editorial and writing experience.

To apply please send your CV and a cover letter to editors@strifeblog.org. In the subject line please state ‘Editorial Board Application’ and specify the position you are applying for.

Applications open on Monday, September 16th and close on Sunday, October 6th.

Update: the deadline for application has been extended by a week, until October 13th. 


Additionally, we are continuously seeking new contributors. This is a great opportunity to be published as well as to have your work reviewed by experts in a friendly and constructive environment. Our contributors have persistently appreciated our feedback. Submission guidelines can be found on the Submissions page.

We look forward to getting you involved with Strife.

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