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A Man’s World: Masculinity in International Politics

December 7, 2018

By Eve Gleeson 7 December 2018 International politics is a man’s world. The practice of international relations, defined by constant efforts to identify and solve bilateral, multilateral, and global issues, has historically been guided by initiatives reflective of the experiences, interests, and characteristics of Western hegemonic masculinity.   Besides the practice itself, membership and leadership ranging from … Continue reading “A Man’s World: Masculinity in International Politics”

Mexico City: Surveillance Technologies in New Urban Battlespaces

December 4, 2018

By Luis Losada Simón-Ricart 4 December 2018   Over the past few years, Mexico has significantly increased the number of CCTV systems in its security forces in an attempt to combat crime. This has led to a complicated discussion on the relationship between security and liberty in security studies, and it raises the question of … Continue reading “Mexico City: Surveillance Technologies in New Urban Battlespaces”


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