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Strife Interview – Tom Keatinge (RUSI) on Financial Intelligence

December 18, 2017

  The issue of terrorism financing has become a major international concern in the past few years. For instance, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the US President George W. Bush decided to target finances, and therefore issued Executive Order 13224. Similarly, the November 2015 Paris Attacks have resulted in further efforts to targeting … Continue reading “Strife Interview – Tom Keatinge (RUSI) on Financial Intelligence”

Will there be a coup in Venezuela?

December 11, 2017

By Will Bisset   It has come as a surprise to many that Venezuela’s military, with its history of attempted coups d’etat, has sat idly by while its country descends into chaos. Ostensibly, all the ingredients for the perfect coup are there: unprecedented shortages of basic goods such as food and medicine coupled with disastrous … Continue reading “Will there be a coup in Venezuela?”

Clausewitz On Campus: The Militarisation of the Universities

December 5, 2017

By M.L.R. Smith   What is going on in modern universities? Campuses seem to have become the theatre for an increasingly toxic struggle for control over what can and cannot be said within the confines of the educational environment. Protecting vulnerable minorities from offensive behaviours and hate-speech versus the right to express one’s opinion freely … Continue reading “Clausewitz On Campus: The Militarisation of the Universities”


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