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is happy to announce the initiation of its new Strife Feature, a monthly publication exploring various timely and significant topics happening around the world within security and conflict domains. At the beginning of each month, Strife Blog will be publishing an abstract about the upcoming monthly Feature and the main article will be published on the final Thursday in the same month.

Welcome to Strife Feature, a monthly display of security studies excellence.


This month we will be featuring an article by Marc-Olivier Cantin and his exploration of the Trudeau administration and Canada’s seat at the international table:

“We’re back”. It is with this unequivocal assertion that, in his inaugural speech, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reclaimed Canada’s seat at the international table, announcing a fundamental rupture in comparison to its predecessor’s foreign policy. A year has passed since the new prodigy of world politics settled in Ottawa and, indeed, he has engaged the country on a thoroughly revamped international trajectory. Exhibiting an uninhibited internationalism and a genuine commitment to multilateralism, Justin Trudeau is laying the foundations of an exhaustive rebranding of the international image of Canada. Through an integrated strategy combining foreign policy, defence, humanitarianism and commerce, he is instigating some fundamental shifts in Canadian foreign policy. Read the Feature here.

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