Call for papers: A world in flux? Analysis and prospects for the U.S. in global security

A world in flux?
Analysis and prospects for the U.S. in global security

 Call for papers
US Foreign Policy Research Group and Strife first annual conference
March 4, 2015 at King’s College London

The world is in an increasing state of flux. Growing concerns over the rise of Islamic State and international tensions over Ukraine have compounded with ongoing dilemmas over North Korea’s nuclear program and international terrorism more broadly. Wikileaks has demonstrated gaps in state’s information security, while the growing problem of foreign fighters has showed how global events are linked increasingly with domestic concerns. The tools engaged to manage security are changing, as are partnerships and allies. The concept of security has also widened and deepened over recent decades, expanding from security between states, to areas such as individual and environmental security. At the forefront of these challenges, the United States has remained the hegemon, but how has this position changed and what role will it play in the future?

This one-day conference will bring together a diverse range of practitioners and academics who will critically analyze the shifting state of security and investigate the diverse ways in which the United States, as the continuing dominant force in global affairs has responded, and continues to respond to, these challenges.

The first annual joint United States Foreign Policy Research Group and Strife conference will survey the expansive terrain of global insecurity and the US response across its many diverse aspects. Held in the renowned Department of War Studies, at King’s College London, this conference is interested in theoretical explorations and empirical case studies, with particular emphasis on new approaches and cross-disciplinary dialogue. A selection of excellent papers will be included in a special spring edition of Strife Journal.

Under the conference theme, we welcome submissions of proposals for panels and papers, which address a number of the following cognate (though not exclusive) topics:

1. Military-to-military relations

  • Changing tactics of warfare (i.e. COIN and drones)
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Security sector and military reforms

2.  Responses to recent and continuing conflicts

  • Middle East (Palestine-Israel, Iraq, Syria)
  • Europe (Ukraine)
  • Asia (South China Sea disputes, Afghanistan, Pakistan)

3.  Emerging security concerns

  • Environment
  • Health care/epidemics
  • Cyber security

4. Homeland security

  • Detainees/Guantanamo/extraordinary rendition
  • Information security (i.e Wikileaks, the Bradley Manning case)
  • Impacts of the global on the domestic (i.e. civil liberties)

We welcome abstract submissions of 300 words and brief biographies from postgraduate research students. Consideration will also be made for exceptional graduate applications. Please submit to by November 1, 2014 with the subject line “USFPRG-Strife Conference.”

The conference will take place on March 4, 2015 at King’s College London, Strand Campus. Attendance at the conference will be free and open to all.



Downloadable version: Strife-USFP First Annual Conference – Call for Papers

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