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"On the real terms of equality"

May 30, 2014

By Jill S. Russell: Surveying the landscape of current news stories on women is grim. There were the raped and lynched Indian girls, the stoned pregnant Pakistani woman, Farzana Parveen, a victim of honour killing and the 270 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. The list continues with threats to lash Iranian actress Leila Hatami; the pregnant Merium … Continue reading “"On the real terms of equality"”

Obama offers some humility; this can be a good thing

May 29, 2014

By Zachary Wolfraim: President Obama sought to outline a vision for US foreign policy in his commencement speech to West Point graduates on 28 May and once more highlighted the role of American leadership in global affairs.  While he noted that the US was the ‘indispensible nation’, the new dangers to the international system were … Continue reading “Obama offers some humility; this can be a good thing”

After the European Elections: It’s time to make the case for Europe

May 26, 2014

By Claire Yorke: Waking up to the European election results this morning I was drawn to a book of Historic Tables by S. H. Steinberg from 1949 that documents the history of the world from 58BC to the end of the Second World War. Through its pages it charts the key dates and events that … Continue reading “After the European Elections: It’s time to make the case for Europe”

‘Secret Diplomacy’. Should we engage with Boko Haram?

May 23, 2014

By Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood:   “All wars represent a failure of diplomacy” According to Tony Penn, wars occur as a result of lack of diplomacy or the failure/unwillingness of both state and in the case of terrorist’s, non-state actors, to engage in lengthy negotiation – be it the traditional way i.e. secret diplomacy or the new … Continue reading “‘Secret Diplomacy’. Should we engage with Boko Haram?”

Democracy on the brink: turmoil in Taiwan

May 19, 2014

By Carla Hung: An unprecedented protest, now dubbed the ‘Sunflower Student Movement’ or ‘Occupy Taiwan Legislature’, broke out in Taiwan on March 18, followed by a violent suppression in the midnight hours of March 23, during which the riot police forcibly evicted the protesting students who had broken in and stayed around the Executive Yuan … Continue reading “Democracy on the brink: turmoil in Taiwan”

Back in the fold? Canada's tentative re-engagement with NATO

May 16, 2014

By Zachary Wolfraim: Amid the increasing tensions with Russia, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s meeting on 5 May with the head of NATO’s military operations, General Philip Breedlove along with the recent deployment of 6 F-18s to Romania have garnered some Canadian press attention. This represents some of the highest-level contact between the Canadian government … Continue reading “Back in the fold? Canada's tentative re-engagement with NATO”

Barrel bombs in Fallujah – a crime against humanity?

May 13, 2014

By Dr. Victoria Fontan, with additional editing by Joana Cook and Thomas Colley: Dr. Victoria Fontan has been spending time in Fallujah since July 2013, one of the only Westerners to do so. She wrote this piece from the ground at the date of publication. On 21 April, two barrel bombs were dropped from an … Continue reading “Barrel bombs in Fallujah – a crime against humanity?”

Looking back into the future: Civil Rights and Pan-Africanism in a "marginalised" world

May 12, 2014

By Kafui O. Tsekpo: Introduction Equality at all levels of human endeavour is important for the progress of the human race. In this article, I will deviate from what has been the norm, “hero worshipping” of individuals whose sacrifice of time, energy and intellectual prowess helped to start and flame up Pan-Africanism and the Civil … Continue reading “Looking back into the future: Civil Rights and Pan-Africanism in a "marginalised" world”

A Rapid Escalation: Violence in South Sudan

May 8, 2014

By Christian Stensrud: According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, the risk of genocide in South Sudan is horribly real. Over one million people have been displaced from their homes in South Sudan since December 2013.[i] While the short time frame is chilling enough, these displacements run parallel with large scale human rights abuses, … Continue reading “A Rapid Escalation: Violence in South Sudan”

"Chasing Misery." Interview with Kelsey Hoppe

May 6, 2014

By Tom Colley, Assistant Editor, Strife. Interview conducted on 21 April 2014. Kelsey Hoppe has just released her book, ‘Chasing Misery: an anthology of women working in humanitarian responses’. You can find more details about the book here. Hoppe currently works for the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF), an organisation of international NGOs providing humanitarian assistance in Pakistan. Previously, … Continue reading “"Chasing Misery." Interview with Kelsey Hoppe”


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