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Operation Iraqi Freedom’: Ten Years, 189,000 lives, and 2.2 trillion US taxpayer dollars

March 28, 2013

By Maura James You may have noticed the ‘Reel Iraq’ film festival badge Strife hosted on the blog over the past week.  Thursday I attended the festival launch which featured the documentary, ‘The Dreams of Sparrows’ directed by Haydar Daffar.  Daffar chronicles 2003, the year of the US led invasion, in Baghdad Iraq, his home … Continue reading “Operation Iraqi Freedom’: Ten Years, 189,000 lives, and 2.2 trillion US taxpayer dollars”

Operation Pillar of Defence Revisited

March 23, 2013

By Hayden Pirkle The outbreak of violence between Israeli and Hamas forces that erupted in mid-November 2012 and captivated spectators’ attention across the globe is now just a minor blip on the radar of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is amazing how short-term the media’s and the general public’s respective memories can be. Our attention spans … Continue reading “Operation Pillar of Defence Revisited”

23F or ‘The Coup that Never Was’

March 20, 2013

by Laura Hamilton Last month marks the 32nd anniversary of 23F, the failed military coup in Spain, which threatened to challenge the state’s transition to democracy. On the 23rd February 1981, the military governors in the various regions around Spain planned a coup d’etat. Although Franco had nominated the King as his successor, military leaders, … Continue reading “23F or ‘The Coup that Never Was’”

Wanted: Great thinkers for Europe!

March 12, 2013

by Mareike Kuerschner Why follow moderate ideas, when you have a great one? Why give up on it, even you know, it can’t be reached? Churchill spoke in 1946 about the ‘United States of Europe’, which I consider as a great, but unfortunately unattainable idea. But that should not mean that we can’t pursue this … Continue reading “Wanted: Great thinkers for Europe!”

Syria: A Proxy Battleground

March 1, 2013

By Pezhman Mohammadi Almost two years after unrest began in Syria, not only has the ‘popular revolution’ not borne fruit, but also many of the ‘freedom fighters’ have turned out to be non-Syrian, foreign-funded terrorists. What made Syria a target of a foreign-backed insurgency? And what could be the solution to the crisis? Since 2011, … Continue reading “Syria: A Proxy Battleground”


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