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Italian Elections stalemate: Berlusca Bunga Bunga, Rigor Mortis, A Retired Priest, the Communist and a Clown. An Analysis.

February 26, 2013

By Pablo De Orellana This is not a joke. These are the nicknames of the principal politicians participating in the election, except for the priest and the clown. The latter cannot participate in person, but has been the underestimated wildcard in this this shuffle of Italian fortunes. On Sunday, three women hurled themselves naked at … Continue reading “Italian Elections stalemate: Berlusca Bunga Bunga, Rigor Mortis, A Retired Priest, the Communist and a Clown. An Analysis.”

Defence undermined?

February 21, 2013

By Hal Wilson One of the greatest threats to global stability is US defence policy – but not for the reasons we usually hear. Typical allusions to sinister neo-cons or ‘American imperialism’ are both misleading and prejudiced. But current policy – specifically the cuts of January’s Defence Strategic Guidance – reflects a dangerous ignorance of … Continue reading “Defence undermined?”

The Lost Revolution

February 16, 2013

By Lamya Hussein Marafi It almost seems that the Egyptian revolution never happened, or is still waiting to happen. A struggling economy, an ambiguous foreign policy, extremely brutal police system, continuous fatal train accidents, increasing unemployment rate, sexual harassment of both women and men, a controversial constitution, the abandoned, ‘dangerous’ land of Sinai, a return … Continue reading “The Lost Revolution”

Joining the ‘Million Man March’

February 10, 2013

By Nesma El Shazly I was not allowed to leave the house throughout the first week of the revolution. Although my parents wholeheartedly endorsed the revolution, they feared for my life and would not let me join the protests. For this reason I spent that week documenting the events as they unfolded from my own … Continue reading “Joining the ‘Million Man March’”


February 6, 2013

By Laura Hamilton Sánchez, Gervasio. Photobolsillo (La Fábrica, Spain, 2011) Amazon, paperback new from $15.60 My first exposure to the work of Gervasio Sanchez was his exhibition, Antologia, in Madrid last year. Exhibited in an old warehouse, his photographs were made even more haunting by their surroundings. In his work, he captures the human aspect … Continue reading “Photobolsillo”


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