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The invisible men: wartime sexual violence against males

December 22, 2012

By Justyna Maciejczak In January 2009 Jean Paul – son of a wealthy Congolese businessman – was abducted by one of many rebel groups operating in the territory of DRC. On the first night of his captivity he was raped 11 times. The rapes continued over the next few days. On the ninth day Jean … Continue reading “The invisible men: wartime sexual violence against males”

The “hoplite revolution”

December 10, 2012

By Ioannis Nioutsikos The 300 movie certainly cannot be considered as an accurate depiction of ancient warfare. However, if we look past the zombie-like Persian warriors whose eyes glowed in the dark, and were armed with samurai swords, there is one historical fact that even this absurd film could not overlook: the Ancient Greek phalanx … Continue reading “The “hoplite revolution””


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