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Special Issue I (2015)

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Contingency as the ‘Missing Link’: A New Approach to Understanding ‘Change’ in U.S. Foreign and Security  Strategy in the 21st Century – p. 1.
Oliver B. Steward

The U.S. Supply of Military Assistance to Iraq, post Mosul: Pursuing Interests at the Cost of Influence – p. 9.
Emma Scott

Explaining U.S. Distrust of China’s Military Modernization – p. 16.
Xiongxiong Zhang

Emerging Challenges to Unipolarity: U.S. Grand Strategy and East Asian Order – p. 24.
Ramesh Balakrishnan

Capitalist Development, China’s Rise and US State Managers: Explaining ‘Pivot to Asia’ with Marxists Lenses – p. 31.
Zeno Leoni

False Foes and Fruitful Friction: U.S.-Turkish Military, Defence, and Intelligence Relations during the Erdogan Decade – p. 40.
Ben Sollenberger

It’s the ‘Special Relationship’, Stupid:  Examining Israel-US Relations Through the Prism of Israeli Territorial Withdrawals – p. 48.
Rob Pinfold

The United States Security Policy in Cyberspace after Snowden – p.
Andrzej Kozłowski

Professional Military Education as an Hegemonic Tool in U.S. International Security Policy  – p.
Duraid Jalili



Issue #5 – May/ June 2015Strife Issue 5 cover

Journal Full Issue (PDF)

The Missing Link: Ethnic Conflict and Democratic Reform in Myanmar – p. 1
Jeroen Gelsing

Through the Lens of the Camera: Propaganda, Identity and Nostalgia in Cuban Cinema – p. 11
Natalia de Orellana

History Production after Undemocratic Regime Change: The Impact of Ghana’s Competing Independence Narratives after the First Coup d’État on Peace and Political Stability – p. 20
Clement Sefa-Nyarko

Financing Terror: A Strife 4-Part Series – p. 28
Maya Ehrmann

Russia and the World Following Ukraine: A Strife 4-Part Series – p. 39
Sebastian Åsberg

Book Reviews

Helen McPhail, The Long Silence: The Tragedy of Occupied France in World War I – p. 51
William Philpot

David Welch, Germany and Propaganda in World War One: Pacifism, Mobilization and Total War – p. 53
Thomas Colley

Roger Morriss, Science, Utility and Maritime Power: Samuel Bentham in Russia, 1779-1791 – p. 55
Andrew Lambert

Adam Tooze, The Deluge: The Great War and the Remaking of Global Order, 1916-1931 – p. 58
Thomas Bottelier

Judith Butler, Frames of War: When is Life Grievable? – p. 61
Begum Icelliler

Alex Prichard, Justice, Order and Anarchy: The International Political Theory of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon – p. 63
Ricardo Villanueva


Issue #4 – Michaelmas Term 2014Strife cover - small

Journal Full Issue (PDF)

South Africa 2014: The Iceberg Election – p. 1
Callum Petty        

War and Remembrance: The Case of Finnish Covert Operations in the First World War – p. 14
Andreas Haggman  

‘Six Characters in Search of an Author’: Fear, Art, Identity and Contingency – p. 21
Pablo de Orellana

The Paradox of Postcolonialism: The Chains of Contingency – p. 29
Natalia de Orellana

Enemies of Rationality, Mirrors of Intent? The Role of Images in International Relations, Part II – p. 37
Alexandra Gallovičová

Defeating Boko Haram Terrorism: Who is Winning this War? – p. 45
Oluwaseun Bamidele

Book Reviews

David Potter, Henry VIII and Francis I: The Final Conflict, 1540-1547 – p. 52
Anton Tomsinov

Christopher Coker, Men at War: What Fiction Tells us about Conflict, from the Iliad to Catch-22 – p. 55
Claire Yorke

Stacey Gutkowski, Secular War: Myths of Religion, Politics and Violence – p. 57
Anne Miles

Dionysios Stathakopoulos, A Short History of the Byzantine Empire – p. 60
Louis Mignot

Henry Kamen, Empire: How Spain Became a World Power, 1492-1763 – p. 62
Nikolai Gourof


Issue #3 – Hilary Term 2014Strife - Cover (large format) - Final - smaller

Full Issue (PDF)

Stalinist Visions of Empire: Sergei Eistenstein’s Ivan The Terrible, Part I – p. 7
N. A. Gourof

‘All Authority Comes From God’: State Response to Catholic Church Opposition in El Salvador and Nicaragua (1972-1980) – p. 14
Alexander Langer

Enemies of Rationality, Mirrors of Intent? The Role of Images in International Relations, Part I – p. 21
Alexandra Gallovicova

The Importance of Being a Propagandist: Yugoslavia and Ukraine  p. 28
Thomas Colley

Feature: The Good, The Bad, The Drones. A Strife Five-Part Series p. 37
Joanna Cook (ed.)

 Book Reviews:

Claire Jowitt, The Culture of Piracy, 1580-1630: English Literature and Seaborne Crime – p. 51
Alan James

Bonnie Honig, Antigone, Interrupted – p. 55
Alister Wedderburn

Martin A. Miller, The Foundations of Modern Terrorism: State, Society and the Dynamics of Political Violence p. 57
Thomas Colley

David Parrott, The Business of War Military: Enterprise and Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe p. 60
Anton Tomisinov


Issue #2 – Michaelmas Term 2013Issue 2 front cover A4 - PDF Journal

Full Issue (PDF)

A Different Approach: Comic-Book Representations of the Holocaust p. 7
Alister Wedderburn

The Transatlantic Alliance: Deepen, and Widen p. 16
Zachary Ginsburg

Norway, Britain and the Arctic Convoys to the Soviet Union, 1941-1945 p. 25
Matthew Knowles

Book Review: Fernando González de León, The Road to Rocroi. Class Culture and Command in the Spanish Army of Flanders, 1567’1659 p. 32
Nikolai Gourof

Action! On the Correlation between American Cinema and Conflict p. 34
Mike McCahill

Feature: The Private Military Security Contractors Series p. 41.
Birthe Anders (ed.)


Issue #1 – Hilary Term 2013
Full Issue (PDF)

Guy Fawkes Redux: Led Urban Mayhem and 21st Century Security p.8
Jill S. Russell

Between a European Greece and a Greek Europe: The Elusive Hellenic Quest for a Modern Identity p.13
Dimitrios Machairas

Women and the Intifadas: the Evolution of Palestinian Women’s Organisations p. 18
Maura K. James

On ‘Empire’, Imperialism, and Sovereignty p.23
Pablo de Orellana

Are We Overly Castigating the ‘Dark Underbelly’ of Humanitarian Relief Aid?  p. 29
Amelie Sundberg

‘I saw this’ – Painting Conflict p. 35
Tom de Freston

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